Testing Service

Provides systematic system operation and differentiated Quality Assurance(QA) service
by establishing an efficient verification process and conducting effective testing step by step.


  1. 01

    Average 5+ Years of Collaboration With Clients

  2. 02

    Systematic Validation by Applying Step-by-Step Formalized Processes

  3. 03

    Pre-security and Safety Training Considering Client Situations

SW Testing

The process of running a program to compare and review execution results and expected results to find errors in the SW program.
This process will help detect faults in the system and programs.

Provides the Highest Level of International Standard Skillsets
Required in Each Field.

  • 1

    App Service

    Quality-specific Verification Technology Based on ISO 29119 | Risk-based Test Case Derivation Technology | Configuration and Operation Technology for Verification Framework | OS/Manufacturer/Resolution-specific Compatibility Test Operation Technology | Automation Script Creation/Operation/Maintenance Technology

  • 2


    Client, Web, Server Individual Function and Interworking Verification Skill | Performance Test Skill | OS/.Net Framework/ Browser Compatibility Test Operation Technology | API Test Technology with SoapUI Tool

  • 3


    Home Network Verification Technology for Server/Client Interworking | Client Upgrade Test Technology | MCU Test Technology Through Emulator | HW/Embedded Specialized Verification Technology Based on ISO 26262

  • 4


    App/Web/Mobile Web Service Test Operation and Interworking Verification Skill | UX Scenario-based Mind Map and Test Case Derivation and Utilization Skill | Mind Map-based Test Case Derivation Technology for Risk and Coverage | OS/Platform/Device Compatibility Test Operation Skill

  • 5


    Robot FMT, Function/Non Function Test Technology | UX, Risk-based Test Case Creation/Maintenance/Management Skill | Avoiding Driving, Normal Driving Test Skill | Artificial Intelligence Platform Voice Linked Test Skill

  • 6


    Java-Script / Groovy Script Writing and Operation Technology | Eclipse Technology | Automated Script Writing and Testing Technology | CheckMate (UI Path) Automated Deployment Technology | Automation (Appium, Selenium) Test Skill

Test Method
  • Test.1

    SRS-based Features

    Analyze the specifications of various requirements to ensure integrity through functional and performance checks of the software to implement the service.

  • Test.2


    Test the way the software interface or user interacts with the software through the screen and other accessories. Thoroughly review the placement of interfaces such as menus, buttons, toolbars, icons, etc.

  • Test.3


    It is an important factor that can maximize efficiency by making changes in software faster while meeting quality requirements. Automated testing is built with testing techniques using RPA, APIs, and other open source programs.

Application Fields
  • AI 아이콘 AI
  • Mobile 아이콘 Mobile
  • Mobility 아이콘 Mobility
  • Home IoT 아이콘 Home IoT
  • Platform 아이콘 Platform
  • DXT 아이콘 DXT

Automotive Testing

Define service levels and deploy resources optimized for each level of performance area through
systematic process application and accumulated proprietary testing methodologies based on ISO 26262, 12119 international standards.

Improves Reliability for Development and Validation Through A-SPICE Process.

  • Test.1

    HIL, EIL, SIL Tests
    Based on ISO 26262

  • Test.2

    Safety Mechanism

  • Test.3

    Alarm Control, Tracking/Detection,
    Fault Diagnosis, UDS Tests

Application Fields
  • 자동차 인포테인먼트 아이콘 Automotive
  • 자동차 통신 아이콘 Automotive Communication
  • 차량 공조 시스템 아이콘 Vehicle Air Conditioning System(HNAC)
  • 자동차 배터리 시스템 아이콘 Vehicle Battery System
  • AD/ADAS 시스템 및 자동 업데이트 아이콘 AD/ADAS System and
    Automatic Updates


Platform for securing safety/quality of industrial products, providing accreditation services that meet international standards (ILAC).

Key Business Performance
    • Mobility Service
    • Infortainment SW
    • Control SW
    • OTA SW
    • Navigation System
    • App/Web Financial Service
    • AI Service
    • App/Web Service
    • Service Robot
    • AWAY Mobility
    • NAVER SW
    • ThinQ Platform
    • Mobile Device
    • Robot
    • ADAS
    • Mobile Service
    • Home IoT
    • BMS
    • Telematics
    • EVCC
    • Home IoT
    • Data Annotaion
    • AVN
    • AVN
    • AVN
    • Automotive SW
    • Control System
    • Light Control System
    • Platform App Service
    • Web Platform Service
    • Wearable Device
    • Security SW
    • CCTV
    • Security SW
    • L-Point Service
    • App Service
    • BT/WIFI
    • LTE Protocol
    • AI Data Annotation
    • Mobile Network
    • Mobile Device
    • Cable TV
    • Set-top Box
    • Streaming Service
    • Data Annotation
    • Automatic Driving DB